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AdvancedGuard  Introduction

- Extra Spam and Virus Control


AdvancedGuard costs R150 per mailbox.  AdvancedGuard is an ADD ON product.  All our hosting accounts do come with high levels of spam/antivirus control, however AdvancedGuard is for advanced users and network administrators who want to have permanent hands on control of what enters their mail systems.

Up until recently i360 Hosting has relied upon the spam and virus control of our server data centres, which although are of a high standard, did not hand any control over to the client. That has now changed with the inclusion of a new service termed AdvancedGuard which we now offer to clients who prefer a hands on service which gives them full control of their mail systems, as well as a very powerful filtering system for anti-virus, up to 3 levels of scanning !. AdvancedGuard is the perfect tool for IT Admins who are responsible for their clients incoming mail and want to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that each of their clients mail is being scanned thoroughly for spam and anti-virus.

AdvancedGuard is a service made possible through a link up between i360 Hosting servers and Emergic, an India-based operator who manages 3 mailservers, each loaded with different anti-virus software. 

Email is mission critical for today's businesses. However the growth of junk email, computer viruses and email abuse are combining to reach levels that have become a threat to the continuity of business email. i360 Hosting's managed email security services, AdvancedGuard, prevent current and evolving email threats from reaching your email networks.

AdvancedGuard gives you the power to monitor and filter e-mail traffic to protect your organisation from virus attacks, spam emails and wasted bandwidth all online. It provides virus-free and spam-free email. All the unwanted emails (containing spam and virus) are filtered on our Internet mail server before they reach your mail server and the intended recipients.

Spam and Virus threats through email have increased with its usage:

  • 2004 is known as the year of “Phishing Scams”

  • Spamming Bots increased by 600% in 2004 – Symantec Security Report

  • Ratio of virus-infected messages to email traffic increased by 85%

  • Percentage of Spams emails increased by 115%

  • Web bugs, spyware and malwares introduced through mails increased by 51% - InfoSecurity Magazine

  • One an average 62% of poorly protected Mailservers remained clogged due to heavy email traffic of Spams and viruses during 2004

Email security is a growing risk:

  • 68% of large companies were infected by viruses during 2003, even though 99% use anti-virus products. - DTI / PricewaterhouseCoopers Survey released April 2004

  • Spam messages have grown by 115% from 15 billion in 2003 to 35 billion in 2004 – Radicati Group

  • Spam eats $4 billion a year in corporate productivity – Yankee Group 2004

  • Email represents the biggest single threat – 85% of all viruses encountered were transmitted across email – The FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey


More Info on this exciting Product

At SPAM.Attack we are focused on delivering quality protection against all unwanted Spam and Viruses

Is an Internet based service which filters and scans emails for all unwanted spam and viruses on our servers and then delivers legitimate email to your companies mail server.
AdvancedGuard offers:

  • Multilayered Spam Checks

  • Triple Level Virus Scanning

  • Personal Whitelist & Blacklist

  • Personal Dictionary Preferences

  • Domain & Userlevel Quarantine Access

  • Spam Digest notifications to end users

  • Unique Feedback mechanism to set up preferences

  • Comprehensive Reporting & Administration Interface


Features & Benefits



AdvancedGuard Features:

  • Triple-level Virus Scanning

  • Multi-layered Anti-Spam capabilities stops 90-95% of Spam

  • Spam Analysis Engine with auto-updates and auto-learning

  • Personal Whitelists and Blacklists allow/block emails from specific IDs/domains

  • Real-time Blackhole Lists capture data from global spam servers to block spam

  • Content filtering

  • Reports on email trends, viruses detected, spam volumes, policy violations

The benefits of a managed service:


  • No hardware or software required

  • No upgrade costs

  • No installation or maintenance hassles

  • Only a simple DNS/MX change to enable

  • No staff training is required

  • Quicker to implement than a software solution

  • Keeps Spam and viruses away from the corporate network

  • Reduces network bandwidth and storage

  • Reduces legal liability

  • Safely queues email if your server is down

  • Platform independent

  • Prevents email borne denial of service attacks


Easy Setup


To implement the AdvancedGuard.Mail Services the Mail Exchanger (MX) records for your domain have to be pointed to our AdvancedGuard servers.

We have three servers to ensure High Availability and proper transition of emails.

Changing your MX records will ensure that email coming from a sender will first come to the Clean.Mail servers and will then be scanned for viruses and spam and then relayed to your email mailboxes.

Your email servers will keep on functioning in the same way as it did before AdvancedGuard was implemented.


Personal Spam Manager


Let users manage their own spam!

Users hate waiting for administrators to release urgent emails from quarantine and administrators hate spending their time processing emails when they could be adding value to the organisation. But the sheer volume of spam could make administration a full time job for a whole department.

Personal Spam Manager speeds up the delivery of legitimate messages while dramatically reducing this administrative burden.

How it works


AdvancedGuard allows users to manage their own spam within their own individual quarantine areas. If your policy classifies an email as spam, the user is sent an email inviting them to check their web-based quarantine area. From their AdvancedGuard Dashboard, they can evaluate the message and delete or release it.

System Administrators are freed from the drudgery of spam processing while given the ability to audit message trails and all user-driven deletes and releases.

The result: no more false positives, greatly reduced administration time and happier users.

Key Features

  • Lets users release their own mail, freeing up administrators

  • Web-based application needs no client software or training

  • Administrators can easily review audit trails and transactions

  • Zero false positives and faster release of legitimate messages




Dashboard is a web-based management tool and your portal to a complete range of configuration tools, service statistics and reports, enabling you to see how the AdvancedGuard managed services are performing.

Dashboard has the following features:


  • Information on email activity and potential threats.

  • Management tools to configure specific sensitivity and mail recieving options.

  • Data on viruses, spam and other inappropriate images intercepted by day, week, month and year.

  • Statistics showing email volumes and patterns by day, week, month and year including average email statistics.

Activity can be analysed by an individual user and the domain.

Please contact us if interested in this Add on product.


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